The Australian steel industry has never faced tougher times, as a glut of overseas product floods the world market.

Australian companies are forced to compete against countries that are only paying $1.30 an hour, it doesn’t matter how efficient we are and how inefficient they are: price-wise we can’t compete, so we lose.

There has never been a better time to utilise Australian tube (Rectangular and Square Hollow Sections) with the proposed innovation to provide the streamlining to the fabrication process for a competitive outcome for Australia.

The new patented process takes emerging ‘laser tube cutting’ technology to produce a series of joints and connections. It is the simplicity of the joints and connections together with the reduction of parts required that provides a significant reduction in both material costs and labor.


The target market are anyone currently struggling to compete with low cost pre-engineered building imports OR who are looking to create savings on their current production methodology. This covers a range of fabricators but more importantly the people such as engineering and specifiers who support this process.




Purlins vs Kwiksure Building System

“All the best with commercialising your Kwiksure building system – a paradigm-shift in building
construction (we only get a few of those in a lifetime) – and all the best in changing an industry sector,
stemming the unwanted imports and bringing the value-add in construction back to Australia.”

Robert Geddes

Senior Consultant – Innovation

Australian Institute for Commercialisation (AIC)