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School 2000Sqm undercover shade shelter - 36m widespan using the Kwiksure System

Commercial Building Structures

Undercover Walkways

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  • Manufactures from RHS tube using the Kwiksure system.

  • Self-threading bolts - all it takes to assemble is a rattle gun.

  • Strength: KWIKSURE is made from RHS Rectangular Hollow Section. This is structural steel and is much stronger than C Section.

  • Safety: KWIKSURE frame has no sharp edges like all C Sections have. This is particularly important if you have children running in and out of your shed and for barns used for horses or livestock.

  • Columns and Rafters: With RHS columns and rafters the structure will look much better and much stronger. RHS is the perfect finish again making your structure look the part and no safety issues with sharp edges.

  • Environmental Conditions: Use of RHS (closed) sections where the environmental applications demand closed sections to prevent retention of hazardous materials or moisture as with the case of coal washing plants.