Kwiksure Building System

Laser Cut RHS/SHS Building Frame System

The Kwiksure System is a patented method of connections that eliminate the need for welding or the use for brackets when building infrastructure. Tube laser cutting technology is used to pre-cut any hole and joint details to allow for easy assembly. 

In a nut shell the the main claim of the Kwiksure system is an off-set, overlapping joint. 

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Apex Joint

The Apex Joint comprises an inner section and an outer section that, depending on the roof pitch, determines the amount of internal sleeve past the apex point of the joint.

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The lower the pitch, the greater amount of internal sleeve there is. Note that the minimum amount of material is removed to ensure the strongest joint.

In some cases the internal sleeve may be longer to the outer.

Unlike sleeved brackets, there is no "wobble" in the joint due to clearances.

Laser cut joint with all bolt holes make this an "ikea" type of assembly, cutting assembly by 50% over traditional purlin type installations. 

Haunch Joint

The haunch joint is cut the same way with the inner sleeve having the minimum material removed (re 90 degree face)

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Purlin comes with pre-cut screw/bolt holes in the top with locating points that drop into locating holes, for positioning and ease of assembly on the rafter. Screw or bolt hole in rafter set to recommended tap size.

Hook washers are used to fix base (or sides) of purlin to the rafter or mating component.

There are a range of sizes to suit the range of RHS.

They come with screw or bolt connections as required.

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There is a range of flat washers where the sections are the same depth.



Buildex series 500 screws for small frames and some purlins.

Taptite bolts ranging from 8mm to 32mm available.